10 Essential kitchen tools for healthy eating.

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

This week's article/post is based on a question I get asked frequently; "how do you maintain your weight loss?" Well, healthy eating should be easy, simple and convenient. Kitchen tools play the biggest part in maintaining a healthy diet, because they make healthy eating easy, simple and convenient. So that is how I have been able to maintain my weight loss over the years, with my trusted and loved kitchen tools.

I have created a list with my top ten kitchen tools that I feel without them, healthy eating would be harder to achieve. How I created this list is I went into my kitchen and looked at all the tools I own. I looked at which tools I use often and would honestly not be able to live without.

1. Good quality knife

I cannot even express how important it is to have a good quality knife in the kitchen. This is the most basic tool in the kitchen, but the most important when it comes to preparing your food. You are going to hate preparing your meals if your knife is blunt with a flimsy blade and unsecure handle. Please invest in a good knife, it does not have to be a set if that is too pricey for you, one good quality knife will be more than enough. I use a Victorinox knife set which I bought while studying Hospitality Management. It is a really great knife set to own and the knives are good quality, plus they will last you a long time.

2. Cutting board

You definitely will be doing a lot of chopping and cutting when taking on a healthier lifestyle. So you are going to need a medium to large cutting board, none of those flimsy small cutting boards that do not have any

stability when you are cutting. A sturdy plastic cutting board is what I use and recommend. I do not recommend using a glass cutting board, yes they are very hygienic, but bluntness the knife very quickly and also has a tendency to damage it. Wooden cutting boards are unhygienic when it comes to preparing vegetable, meats and dairy products. Rather use wooden cutting boards to cut breads and pastries.

3. Blender

OMG! Truthfully speaking I don't think I can live without my blender. I literally use my blender almost every single day. A blender is just so handy to have around the house to make smoothies, muffin or cake batters, non-dairy milks, blending soups, etc... The list is endless in how versatile a blender can be in the kitchen. My recommendation to you would be to buy a high speed blender that is at least 1000 Watts. Having a high speed blender ensures that you will be able to blend frozen fruits or vegetables, and also have lump free soups and smoothies. I would also recommend, if possible, to have two blenders a large blender and a hand blender. A hand blender comes in handy when you have to blend smaller batches of food or if you are lazy to grab your large blender. With a small blender you can always blend your food in the container you are going to eat in or the pot you are cooking in.

As I was looking around my kitchen, I realised that I have two large blenders and 2 hand blenders. One of the large blenders is actually a travel friendly blender. I travel a lot with this blender especially when I go on holiday with my family.

There are a few blenders that I personally love and would recommend. The first being an AIM blender, the specific model I own has been discontinued as I do not see it in stores or online. The second one is a Russell Hobbs blender (model RHB315). The last blender that I would recommend is a hand blender from Philips, it is called a ""daily collection hand blender"". I have had mine for many years and it is a great blender at an affordable price.

4. Food processor

I think this is another kitchen tool that I would not be able to live without. Food processors are super versatile, I use mine to make nut butters, hummus, pesto, chop and grate vegetables, as well as making dressing. Again, the list is endless. I personally use a Kenwood food processor, I have two in my kitchen, and I would recommend any of the Kenwood food processors as they work really well, they are good quality for an affordable price.

Most people ask me if I really need both a food processor and blender, honestly it depends what you want do. They both have different functions, I would personally recommend buying a blender first before a food processor.

5.Measuring cups and spoons

Measuring cups and spoons are not only great to use in baking, but they can also be used for portion control. You can definitely substitute measuring cups and spoons with a kitchen scale if that is what you have or prefer using. Measuring cups and spoons are just cheaper than a kitchen scale. I do not have a specific preference and recommendation when it comes to measuring cups and spoons, as I have used so many throughout the years and there has not been a specific brand that has stood out for me. I bought the measuring cups and spoons I currently use from Clicks, they were really affordable and I enjoy using them.

6. Good quality pots and pans

Having good quality pots and pans makes preparing food so much easier, most lower quality pots and pans tend to burn food and they do not last you for very long. Quality pots and pans cook food evenly without burning it at the bottom. Most quality cookware is multi-functional and will generally come with accessories to make cooking even simpler and easier.

I would highly recommend that you have at least one non-stick pan. Non-stick pans are amazing when you want to use very little oil when frying foods. The pots and pans I use are from AMC, which my mother bought a very long time ago. They are still in very good shape, I love them and would highly recommend them.

7. Baking tray and pans

If you enjoy baking like me, then baking trays and pans are an essential in the kitchen. You do not only have to use them for baking, you can make baked eggs, large baked pancakes, roasted vegetables, cook veggies or meat patties, honestly the list is endless. If you are not a person who uses their oven often, then I would recommend that you have one or two types of baking pans and trays. What I would suggest is having one flat baking tray and a muffin pan.

I do not have a brand of baking trays and pans that I swear by, but I have a link to a great blog post about baking pans and sizes.

8. Kitchen utensils

My top five kitchen utensils I would not be able to live without would be: a wooden spoon, egg lifter, spatula, vegetable peeler and a big metal spoon. I honestly think if you have these utensils then you have the basics covered. One tip I can give when buying utensils; buy utensils according to the type of pots and pans you own. Meaning if you have non-stick pots and pans rather stay away from metal utensils. As mental utensils scratches and damages the non-stick surface.

Again I do not have a specific brand of utensils I love and recommend but I buy most of my utensils at Makro.

9. Box Grater

This is one of the most convenient tools when it comes to shredding vegetables, fruits and cheese. A box grater is great because it has four different types of graters in one. You can also use the box grater to zest lemons or oranges, make chocolate shavings and also grate spices such as nutmeg.

10. Colander

I never knew how important a colander was until one holiday my family and I visited extended family. We stayed at my grandparents' house and of course there was no colander. I found it very difficult to strain rice and pasta. Steaming vegetables was just a nightmare without a colander. This reiterates that healthy eating should be simple, easy and convenient.

I know most of these tools are expensive, look at it as an investment, not only in your kitchen but also in yourself.

A disclaimer, this article/blog post was not sponsored by any brand mentioned in the article. All the information given is based on my own opinion. Please use, buy and support any brand that you love and trust.

Ps: Investing in your kitchen, means investing in yourself.


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