Eating at The EATERY.

There are so many restaurants to choose from when eating out, but very few serve healthy and nutritious food, especially in the Free State. You could literally count on one hand the number of restaurants that serve "healthy" food in Bloemfontein.

I am always excited to hear when there is a new restaurant opening in Bloemfontein. I was particularly over the moon to hear that the newest edition to Bloemfontein restaurants would be a health conscious cafe called The Eatery. The Eatery is a whole foods cafe that is located in Bloemfontein (Preller Square). The Cafe has a modern, clean and sleek interior. Paired with a relaxed and casual atmosphere. The service is quick and efficient with friendly and helpful staff.

If you enjoy a fusion of different cultures in food, you will definitely enjoy The Eatery. The food is Oriental with a twist of modern Western. Without a doubt I really enjoyed the food, it is simple, tasty and fresh. The presentation of the food is simple but Instagram worthy. The portions could definitely be a bit bigger, especially for the price you are paying. Speaking about prices, the pricing ranges between R40.00 to R100.00 depending on what you are ordering. The cafe serves foods that are trending globally in the health community. They offer meals such as Buddha bowls, poke bowls and smoothies. The cafe also has vegan, vegetarian and pescetarian options on top of the meat options available.

The impression that I got was that the cafe is marketed and caters to an upper working class, especially because of its location. I would have really appreciated it if the cafe was located in a more central place so that it could be accessible to more people. Hopefully Jowhara Mahomed (the owner) will open more cafes around Bloemfontein that can be more accessible to more people. On the other hand the owner did reveal that she would be delivering food and beverages to her customers in the near future.

The interior of the cafe is absolutely beautiful. I love the clean, simple and modern look but at the same time it is very warm and has a welcoming atmosphere. The same can also be said about the staff, they are very warm and welcoming. They are also friendly and helpful. I would have really loved it if the staff was more knowledgeable about healthy eating and living. Overall, The Eatery is a very good cafe, I would highly recommend the cafe to anyone who is looking for a healthy nutritious meal.

Eating out is a great way to socialize with family, friends or meeting new people. So if you are looking for a new place to eat out with friends and family, do try The Eatery.

Ps: Try new things, to experience new things.


Disclaimer: The Review on The Eatery is my own opinion, this blog post has not been sponsored by The Eatery.


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