Looking for a modern but casual restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. With excellent service, as well as scrumptious food. Well, you are in luck! Euro Cafe, Bloemfontein ticks all the boxes. Now the question is, are they vegan friendly?

A little bit about Euro Cafe...

It might not come as a surprise to you why I chose Euro Cafe. If you live in Bloemfontein (South Africa) this restaurant is extremely popular amongst the hip and fresh youth of Bloemfontein. The restaurant serves bistro/cafe style food, which will cost you on average R75.00 for a main meal. Not bad even if I say so myself. Euro Cafe has a very modern, chic and fresh style which accommodates large groups and family gatherings. They have a very warm and vibrant atmosphere that makes you enthusiastic about food. I have to say they have amazing lighting that makes taking pictures for Instagram a breeze.

Is Euro Cafe vegan friendly?

Now down to business and the real reason why you are here. Euro Cafe has a huge menu, with a wide selection of European inspired meals, such as pastas, pizzas and salads. Eleven of the meals on the menu are vegan or can be made vegan. This is what I appreciate about Euro cafe, they are willing to substitute certain ingredients to accommodate you and your dietary requirements. The eleven vegan meal selections that you can choose from are:

  1. Falafel burger with a selection of three condiments and one sauce

  2. Vegetarian pizza without the cheese

  3. Pomodoro pasta- pasta with napolitana sauce, fresh baby tomatoes without the parmesan cheese

  4. Creamy vegetable pasta- pasta with white sauce and vegetables. Leave out white sauce, substitute with napolitana sauce.

  5. Avo and blue cheese pasta without the blue cheese

  6. French salad without the haloumi cheese

  7. Greek salad without the feta cheese

  8. Avo salad without the cream cheese dressing

  9. Stuffed tomato- Tomato stuffed with rice and herbs

  10. Roasted pumpkin soup without the bacon

  11. Vegetable plate spinach without the cream, pumpkin, basmati rice, crumb mushroom and roasted veggies.

My recommendation.

Euro cafe vegan meal selections are way more than what most Bloemfontein restaurants are offering, but I think that they can do a bit better. They do not offer any vegan desserts or vegan friendly sweet treats. They can make a vegan chocolate cake, vegan milkshake or a vegan fudgy soft cookie. I mean the options are so many, hopefully it is something that they can do in the very near future. One thing that they can do immediately is start offering non-dairy milk. One thing I really enjoy drinking after a meal is a cup of coffee or tea. I am never fully satisfied with my meal at Euro Cafe because I can never have a cup of coffee or tea after my meal. And NO! I do not enjoy a black cup of coffee or tea.

My final thoughts

Euro Cafe is a beautiful restaurant with extremely friendly staff. I love their food and it is very tasty. I also love the fact that they are accommodating to different dietary requirements, they are willing to substitute certain ingredients to satisfy the customer. I noticed that it so happened that their meals are vegan or vegan friendly by chance, not necessarily because they are trying to accommodate vegans. I highly recommend that they make sweet treats that are vegan, that can be enjoyed after a meal. This will make the world of difference to people who are vegan, lactose intolerant or have an egg allergy.

Ps: All weight loss starts in the kitchen...


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