I am so excited to be announcing my collaboration with Anchen Lin, who is the owner of Lin's Labyrinthe; which is a beauty lab that is focused on nail art, as well as nail and skin health. Together we want to share our message of overall wellness and health. Its two different industries coming together to show that health is more than what you eat.

She (Anchen Lin) opened her doors on the 11th of September 2019, but her passion for nail art started in 2018. She was a part time nail artist working from home, as well as completing her studies in Human Resource Management. Nearing the completion of her studies, she realised that the beauty industry is where she wants to be.

Her inspiration for nail art and the beauty industry came from her love of nail polish and artistic creative nature. "I am a hands on person that loves art and being creative" says Anchen. When she finally got her freedom she was able to unleash her creativity through beauty, she was able to express herself. "I love being different and standing out from the rest." she adds.

She is not scared to use bright colours, quirky designs and play around with new trends. I believe that is why her nails are so beautiful, fun and vibrant. Lin's Labyrinthe is very on trend with modern designs, colours and techniques.

Game changing nails is what Lin's Labyrinthe is all about, Anchen says "I don't do boring nails". She brings to life concepts that are seen online or that her clients have imagined. So, each pair of nails are special and are created for each individual client.

The wellness and beauty industry go hand-in-hand. Anchen explains that wellness is not only about eating well for your body, whatever that might be for you. It's also about being able to move your body in a way that makes you happy. As well as mentally and emotionally satisfying yourself by pampering and spoiling yourself. This is where the beauty industry comes in.

With beauty wellness comes beauty health. Lins Labyrinthe focuses tremendously on beauty health; which is healthy nail, skin and hair by giving your nails, hair and skin what it needs to grow naturally healthy and strong. This will result in you feeling healthy, beautiful and strong.

Inspired by other nail artists such as Nail Thoughts, Glass House, Hillary as well as Chi Chi. All of these powerhouse beauty artists have shown her that hard work and mastering your craft will get you far in the beauty industry. Anchen goes on to say that each of the artists mentioned above are firm believers in beauty health just like her. "They all started small just like me now, they are the move and shakers in the beauty industry. They make me believe that one day my business and my skills can take me to the top." commented Anchen.

From her bedroom, to her own beauty lab and eventually having her own franchises of beauty labs. Anchen confesses that this is just the beginning for Lin's Labyrinthe. She mainly focuses on nails but in the near future she will be trying her hand in skin health and beauty, lash extensions. As well as possibly collaborating and stocking merchandise from other small businesses and her own.

Having healthy, beautiful nails can take time and patience, unfortunately sometimes we need a quick fix. Anchen provides custom press on nails as an alternative for people who want to look beautiful in a flash. These press on nails are great for last minute events and they can be reusable.

Making nail care easy and accessible at home, is one of Lin's Labyrinthe's goals. Clients are able to purchase bio sculpture nail care, cuticle remover and treatment polishes. You can choose from a wide range of cuticle oil scents such as pineapple, watermelon as well as Jasmine.

So, what's new or coming soon for Lin's Labyrinthe? Classic and easy to style T-shirts with the Lin's Labyrinthe log and design. What an amazing way for clients to support the brand whilst spreading the message and showing Anchen some love. .

I truly love what Anchen and her brand stand for, and if you love that too, show her some love on Instagram and Facebook. She runs specials every month so follow her on her socials to be kept updated on all the latest on Lin's Labyrinthe.

Own and founder of Lin's Labyrinthe
Anchen Lin

Ps: Health and beauty is what you make of it...



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