A frozen square that taste like a tropical paradise. It's cool, refreshing and delicious.

These squares are vegan and are made with 4 simple ingredients. They are dairy-free and quite healthy too. They make for the perfect dessert that everyone will love.

If you don't have mango don't worry substitute with another fruit and add in more or less coconut flour to achieve your desired consistency. You could even pop a few squares into your smoothies or morning oats. They a super yummy and versatile.

Mango & coconut frozen squares

Preparation time: 5 minutes

Cooking time: 0 minutes

Makes: 12



1 large ripe mango (peeled and roughly chopped)

¼ cup/ 60ml coconut flour

Pinch of salt

1t honey or sweetener of choice (optional)



1. Lightly grease a small loaf pan or line with baking paper.

2. Place mango into a blender, blend until mango is smooth.

3. Transfer the mango into a mixing bowl, add in the rest of the ingredients and mix well.

4. Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and freeze for 4 hour or overnight. Cut into square and enjoy as a snack or dessert.

Why not try…

Using other fruits such as strawberries, pawpaw, banana and pineapple.

NUTRITION per Square

calories 28 | cabs 5.7g | fat 0.6g | protein 0.3g

Ps: All weight loss starts in the kitchen...



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