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Thank you to Mugg&Bean and Famous Brands for inviting me and grating me the opportunity to be a judge at the master baker championship. The event was held on the 8th of September 2018 in Bloemfontein, Free State at Mugg&Bean, Bram Fischer Airport.

The Mugg&Bean team was so kind to prepare breakfast and sandwiches on arrival. They even provided refreshments such as coffee, tea, juice and water.

I enjoyed my breakfast and refreshments, as I was getting to know my fellow judges.The first judge Ewald van Aswegen is a professional chef and chef lecturer at the Food and Beverage Institution (FBI). He trains the students in culinary arts. He has international experience and has also worked in five star establishments, as well as cruise lines. The second judge Leon Barnard, is the branch manager at Bakels Bloemfontein. Bakels is a manufacturer and distributor of premix and specialised ingredients for industrial and in store bakeries and of course the final judge was myself. I have a Bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management and currently studying Safety Management.

The competition proceeded as follows, the contestant/bakers were given two hours to assemble and decorate their cakes on the day. There was no theme, so the bakers could unleash their creativity and they definitely did that. The bakers created a vast variety of cakes for us to taste, no two cakes were the same.

The criteria the cakes were judged on were height, colour and appearance, as well as texture, taste, innovation and skill set. What a tough job as all the cakes tasted amazing and looked so beautiful, but at the end of the day it was a competition and there could be only one winner.

As my fellow judges and I were judging, we kept in mind that the bakers were not professionally trained. The bakers gained their experience and love for baking while working at Mugg&Bean. In total there were three bakers, each baker created one cake for us to taste.

Pot Berry Vanilla Cake- Vanilla cake combined with mixed berries. Covered with a tangy but sweet berry white chocolate icing. Topped with fresh mixed berries and white chocolate shavings.

Buttercream Mirror Glaze Cake- Vanilla flavoured cake, covered with smooth and creamy buttercream mirror glace . Topped with all a sorted sweets.

Strawberry White Chocolate Cake- Vanilla sponge cake. Topped and filled with fresh cream, strawberry jam and fresh strawberries.

Congratulations to Halio Evon Mahlaba from Bethlehem Mugg&Bean who is the winner of the Regional Master Baker Championship in the Free State. She baked and decorated the buttercream mirror glaze cake, which was absolutely divine. The cake was light and fluffy. It had a beautiful golden brown colour on the outside and I loved the mirror glaze covering the cake. Unfortunately the cake was slightly too sweet. The piping and sweets on top of the cake took away from the beautiful mirror glaze. Besides those minor glitches, a really beautiful and tasty cake.

Well done to all the bakers for making it so far, each baker should be proud of themselves for baking and decorating such stunning cakes.

Ps: Challenges groom us into better people, so never stop challenging yourself.


To see more pictures click on the picture below .

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