Skinny Passion Pineapple Ice-tea

Every day this week I will be creating a recipe with one main ingredient, tea. Thank you to Five Roses for sending me a hamper of their new infusion teas. These are the teas that I will be using this week to create my recipes.

To start off the tea party, I could not imagine anything better, then an ice cold ice-tea. I call this my no waste skinny ice-tea. I use pineapple peels as part of the infusion process, as well as to naturally sweeten the ice-tea.

This ice tea is a great recipe to make when pineapples are in season. This will help you use very little to no sweetener when making your ice-tea. Adding in the pineapple peels intensifies the pineapple flavours in the tea and of course sweetens it as well. I love making homemade ice-tea, it’s healthier than store bought, it taste absolutely amazing and the best part, it is ridiculously cheap to make.

To make my skinny passion pineapple ice-tea, I used Five Roses Passion Pineapple tea bags. I was so excited to see this infusion combination by Five Roses, because I am a huge lover of passion fruit and pineapple. Now to have it as a drink, I am over the moon. If you have never tried this infusion tea by Five Roses, it has a mild taste, slightly sweet with a soft touch of tanginess.

This is a very straightforward recipe, which you could make/drink every single day without feeling guilty. I have added in a few extra ingredients to make it picture-perfect.

Skinny passion Pineapple ice-tea

Preparation time: 20 minutes

Cooking time: 0 minutes

Makes: 1.5L



Peels of 3 pineapples

4 Five Roses passion pineapple tea bags

Sweetener of choice, optional (to taste)

1L-1.5L Boiling water

½ cup/ 125ml passion fruit pulp

½ pineapple (cut into small pieces)

Handful fresh mint leaves



1. In a large heatproof jug combine pineapple peels, teabags, sweetener of choice and enough water to cover the peels. Mix well until sweetener has dissolved.

2. Set the tea aside to allow the tea to infuse.

3. Remove tea bags after 10 minutes, the longer you infuse the teabags the stronger the taste.

4. Place the tea in the refrigerator overnight. The next day strain the ice-tea, add passion fruit, fresh pineapple pieces and mint.

5. To serve add ice to glasses and pour the ice tea over the ice and enjoy.

Ps: All weight loss starts in the kitchen...


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