A sweet, creamy and decadent ice cream, which is vegan and paleo friendly. This frozen dessert is made in a blender, so you can be sure that this is a super easy recipe to make.

I am definitely one of those people who enjoy eating ice cream in winter. This sweet potato ice cream is perfect for that winter craving, it is quick and easy to make, plus it is cheaper, healthier and more delicious than shop bought ice creams.

This is a guilt free ice cream that will keep you full and regulate your energy levels. Basically it is like eating vegetables but I promise that you will not even notice.

If you are like me and enjoy sneaking in vegetables into your desserts then you must give this recipe a try.

Sweet potato ice cream:

Preparation time: 10 minutes

Cooking time: 0 minutes

Serves: 3



1 cup/ 250ml sweet potato (cooked and mashed)

1t/ 5ml vanilla essence

1 cup/ 250ml milk

1T/ 15ml brown sugar or sweetener of choice

A pinch of salt

2 ripe bananas (sliced and frozen)



1. Add all the ingredients into a high speed blender except the bananas. Blend until creamy and smooth.

2. Pour into a shallow freeze proof container and freeze overnight.

3. The next day, remove from the freezer and thaw for 5 minutes. Using a knife break the frozen mixture into small chunks.

4. Add frozen chunks into a blender or food processor along with frozen bananas. Blend until smooth, creamy and thick. Note: you will have to stop and scrape down the sides regularly.

5. Serve immediately or pour into a piping bag and swirl into cups or cones.

6. Place any left over ice cream into the freezer.

Ps: All weight loss starts in the kitchen...


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