THE HUNGRY VEGAN (Seattle Coffee Company)

The hungry vegan, is a new series I am starting on my blog. Where I will be reviewing vegan food and beverages from different restaurants, cafes, bakeries, etc. If you have not picked up from the recipes that I have been posting, I do not eat meat and dairy. So I mostly eat a plant based diet. As much as I love cooking and eating my own food sometimes I want to spoil myself with a meal that I did not have to prepare.

To make my reviews unbiased I will be bringing along friends or family members to taste the food or beverage and give their honest opinion on the food or beverage. So, enough with the rambling let's get into the first review.

Who is Seattle coffee company?

Seattle coffee company, is a beverage based company that specialises in brewing and serving coffee. Not to say that they only sell coffee, they also sell tea, hot chocolate and milkshakes to. Seattle also offers "Bites" as they call them, that they sell in store. These "Bites" are foods that compliment a cup of coffee or tea. Such as muffins, sandwiches and pastries. You can find this company nationwide in South Africa. I honestly think there is a province you can go to and not find a Seattle coffee.

Is Seattle coffee vegan friendly?

I was so happy to find out that Seattle offers non-dairy milk options. You would think that all restaurants, cafes and bakeries that serve coffee and tea would offer non-dairy milk as an option. Surprisingly it is not so.

Seattle offers two options of non-dairy milk, which is even better. Almond and soya are the milks of choice. I have got to say that I did not appreciate the fact the both milks are sweetened instead of unsweetened. I would have really enjoyed my spiced chai latte more if there was no sugar in it. So, I found my latte to be very sweet for my taste. I did not add any sugar, all the sweetness came from the milk.

I was also disappointed to find out that you have to pay extra for almond milk. Unfortunately if you are lactose intolerant and are allergic to soya you going to have to pay R5.00 extra to have milk in your coffee or tea.

Unfortunately I was not able to taste any of their "Bites", the Seattle Coffee Company I visited didn't have any vegan friendly "Bites."

My experience...

I really enjoyed the fact that you can watch the barristers make your beverage, so you are 100% sure that they used the correct milk in your beverage. My friend Cikizwa loves Seattle, she had a taste of my latte and said "you honestly can't tell the difference." Seattle's beverages are amazing if you are vegan or lactose intolerant and looking for good hot or cold beverages I would highly recommend Seattle Coffee Company. The staff is super friendly and helpful.

Overall I really enjoyed my experience and my beverage. In total I have visited 4 different Seattle Coffee Companies all in different provinces, besides the minor problems I discussed above. I highly recommend this coffee company to anyone that is vegan, lactose intolerant or just wants to try something new.

Ps: All weight loss starts in the kitchen...


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