Losing weight and getting into shape can be challenging. The general rule to losing weight is burning or using more calories or energy than you are taking in. Milk plays a huge part in most people’s daily diet including mine. With an enormous variety of milks available in the market it can be confusing as to which milk to choose.

Without a doubt, Dewfresh soy milk is one of the best soy milks in the market and is also affordable. Soy milk is made from ground soybeans and can be a wonderful choice for people who are lactose intolerant, vegan or for those of you who are trying to cut dairy out of your diet. Soy milk has numerous amounts of health benefits that can also assist in losing weight.

One cup of Dewfresh soy milk has:

· 76.5 calories

· 30g carbohydrates

· 0g fat

· 8.3g protein

Dewfresh soy milk is 100% plant based, naturally making it cholesterol free, it is low in saturated fats and contains no lactose.

Soy milk is a good source of protein, calcium, vitamin A, vitamin B12 as well as potassium. Dewfresh soy milk has as much protein as full fat cow’s milk, however it is lower in calories and lower in fat.

Most soy produced in many counties especially the United States of America comes from genetically modified organisms/plants (GMO), this can be a concern for most people but Dewfresh milk is GMO free.

Like regular cow’s milk soy milk also has disadvantages. Soy is a common allergen amongst adults and children. Before purchasing or consuming any soy milk, make sure that you are not allergic to soy. Consuming large amounts of soy milk might be a problem for people with thyroid conditions. If you have a pre-existing thyroid condition and enjoy consuming soy milk, cut back on other soy products such as soybeans, mince or patties. This might make consuming soy milk more tolerable.

Dewfresh soy milk is a product that I enjoy using in baking, cooking or drinking. Their milk

is one of the products that I used during my weight loss journey and still use it to this day.

Unfortunately Dewfresh soy milk is sweetened, hopefully they will come out with an unsweetened option in the near future. But for now, if you love this product as much as I do, I would suggest not adding any sweeteners, dried fruit or fresh fruit that have a high sugar content when consuming the soy milk.

Soy milk is a wonderful option when trying to lose weight, give Dewfresh soy milk a try and you might start seeing the weight shed off.

Ps: All weight loss starts in the kitchen…


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