Your Kitchen Is Your New Gym

Updated: Feb 18, 2019

Your kitchen is your new gym (Kitchen New Gym) is a brand that I created to help others with healthy eating and weight loss. I am not a dietician, nutritionist or doctor. The recipes and healthy lifestyle advice I share on my blog are tips, tricks and recipes that have assisted me in my weight loss and healthy eating journey.

I am a food lover without a doubt. Losing weight or starting a healthy eating lifestyle can be challenging if you love food as much as I do. I tried for many years to eat "healthy" and lose weight with the information and knowledge that I had at that time. Of course it did not work it just seemed that year after year I would gain more weight. In 2016 I was determined that I would lose weight and become a healthy version of myself. I started creating healthy recipes of my favourite foods, I also incorporated more vegetables, whole grain and healthy fats into my cooking.

I slowly started realising that healthy eating is not about giving up foods that you love, but more about finding healthy replacements that are still tasty.

I am always excited to be able to share my weight loss and healthy eating journey with others. I was very grateful when I was invited by a group of working ladies and gentlemen to showcase my healthy recipes and give tips and tricks on weight loss and how to keep it off. I prepared them a feast of healthy food that looks amazing but tastes even better.


The menu for the day:

Pizza health loafs

Homemade tomato sauce, mix of medium and low fat cheese, peppers, mushrooms, herbs, lean chicken and mince.

Low GI sandwiches

Low GI bread spread with homemade hummus, filled with tomato and cucumber.

Ultimate Cajun Chickpea and Sweetcorn pattie

Cajun chickpea and sweetcorn patties topped with caramelized onions and low fat herb mayo.

Bacon, spinach and pepper quiches

Savoury pastry case filled with lean bacon, spinach and bell peppers.

Garden green salad

Fresh crisp lettuce, baby tomatoes, cucumber and rocket,

Triple chocolate cupcakes

Vegan and gluten free chocolate cupcake frosted with a thick and creamy cottage cheese chocolate frosting. topped with vegan chocolate chips

Fruit kebabs

Summer fruits- strawberries, grapes, paw paw and summer melon.


Ice cold cube watermelon.

To drink:

Homemade apple and mint ice tea

Homemade pineapple and ginger ice tea

Variety of different flavoured teas


I was honestly amazed at the response I received. The group really enjoyed the food, they could not believe that it was healthy foods that they could make at home. They also expressed some of their apprehensions when it came to healthy eating, I explained to the group that healthy eating should be convenient for them and that each person's healthy eating journey will differ from the next person. I appreciate the moments when I can have a conversation with other about healthy eating and weight loss, because it breaks down any myths and misconceptions that most people including myself have on healthy eating and weight loss.

I feel that healthy eating should not be a privilege but it should be knowledge and ingredients that are accessible to everyone.

Thank you so much to the ladies and gentleman from the Orion department at the Central University of Technology for inviting me. I really enjoyed sharing my food and my knowledge with all of you. I also had so much fun with all of you, thank you once again.

Ps: You have the power to change your lifestyle...


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